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Ooh La La

Ooh La La

Ooh La la is a proprietary blend of essential oils and caffeine that has shown some amazing results after only 8 weeks!

Ooh La La may be your solution for cellulite!

Before considering risky surgery, make Ooh La La a part of your daily regimen.

Ooh La La 8 oz.

An 8 oz. bottle of Ooh La La for $87.99 plus $4.95 shipping and tax

Ooh La La 16oz.

An 16 oz. bottle of Ooh La La for $174.99 plus $4.95 shipping and tax

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Ooh La La 8 oz.

Ooh La la is a proprietary blend of essential oils and caffeine that has shown some amazing results on the treatment of cellulite after only 8 weeks!


87.99 USD

Ooh La La 16oz.

Ooh La la is a proprietary blend of essential oils and caffeine that has shown some amazing results on the treatment of cellulite after only 8 weeks!


174.99 USD

Ooh La La is a luscious yet invigorating moisturizer that may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Caffeine may help improve metabolism of fat and toxins below skin surface.

Unique blend of essential oils may increase stimulation, improve circulation and blood flow.

The oils may also help detoxify and decongest sluggish tissues.

The oils may help firm the tissue, regenerate skin cells and help balance the natural sebum in skin thus improving the overall appearance and texture.


Shake well before using. For best results apply twice daily to cleansed and exfoliated thighs, buttocks or arms, then massage vigorously. We highly recommend taking before and after pictures.

To increase your detoxification process, be sure to consume plenty of water on a daily basis.
This is a regimen much like a diet, you should commit to using this daily and as recommended, to see your best possible results.

*This product contains Tree Nut oil, Rosemary Verbenone and Juniper Berry. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your physician before using. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.


[icon name=”quote-left” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] I am so glad that I followed the directions and took before and after pictures because I never would have believed the results. 8 weeks, twice a day…unbelievable! My mom actually asked me if I had liposuction! [icon name=”quote-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

Natalie – Austin, TX

[icon name=”quote-left” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] I have been using Ooh La La for the last 3 months and it has done wonders for my arms and thighs. [icon name=”quote-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

Nadia – Nashua, NH

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the lumpy, “cottage cheese” or dimpling appearance of the skin found in 80-90% of females. Women tend to get cellulite around the knees, hips, buttocks, stomach and in the triceps because they have three layers of fat in these areas.

What makes cellulite different from “normal” fat? It is the structure of the overlying skin and of the underlying layer of fibrous connective tissue that determines whether a specific area has a smooth or rippled appearance.

In women, this tissue runs vertically or perpendicular to the skin. Because of this, these fibrous bands (called septae) tether the skin to the underlying tissue at certain points.

When we are young, our connective tissue is supple and elastic, stretching and giving with the skin so that everything remains smooth. After puberty, hormones, particularly estrogen, wreak havoc on the connective tissue, making it more rigid and less elastic. The fibrous bands breakdown, forming a “basket weave” effect, which then allows our fat cells to expand in certain areas and push up through the space. Dimples and bulges then appear in the skin surface and is known as cellulite.

As we get older, due to the loss of collagen, the outer layer of skin weakens, thins, and loses elasticity. Gravity then plays an important role, and the skin begins to sag. Since the connective septae remains intact and often contracts and stiffens further as we age, the appearance of cellulite continues to worsen over time.

There may also be a genetic element in susceptibility to cellulite. Some believe that lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency, a build up of toxins and water retention in fat cells contribute to cellulite.
Yo-yo dieting, where repeated cycles of weight gain and weight loss may also compromise skin elasticity, making the appearance of cellulite more severe.

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