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MicroZone Treatments

Microzone Treatments

A MicroZone is a 10 to 20-minute zone targeted treatment solution. They are offered to address specific issues such as breakouts, dehydration, and even the need for exfoliation.

Treatment Time: 10-20 minutes

Cost: $30.00

Rapid Spot Clearing

(blackhead relief/ comedone extractions)

No need to take the 3rd wheel on your date, with the rapid spot clearing treatment.

This treatment is designed to knock out that big zit in a hurry for extensive extractions your esthetician has recommend to book a facial appointment that will allow the proper time to address your black heads and breakouts. Check out our: Image Teen Acne Facial.


Flash Exfoliation

(for resurfacing and brightening)

When you don’t have time for the full facial experience, but want to smooth and brighten your skin, then a flash exfoliation is the service for you.



The Eye Rescue Power Nap

(to treat tired, dehydrated eyes and fine lines)


A Lip Renewal Treatment

(microfoliate, hydrate & firm, dry and chapped lips)


Hand Repair

(to treat, and moisturize dry or tired hands)


The Bumpy Upper-arm Treatment

(to treat and moisturize bumps on the upper arms)


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