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MediSpa was established in 2007. It has been a collaboration of on the part of Kim and myself that has tried and strength our relationship. It is our vision to provide clients with professional spa care along with personal attention that goes beyond the facial room. We seek to make holistic impact on the wellbeing of our clients that includes body, mind, and soul.

Our Commitment to Excellence

MediSpa & Salon is proud of the quality products, and treatments we serve to our customers. Our Commitment to Excellence includes our attention to scheduling, the quality of our products, and perhaps most importantly, a personal care and follow-up after your treatment that ensures you will like the way you look and feel after your visiting.

If you are unhappy with any part of your experience, we encourage you to let us know. If your service is anything less than what you hoped for, or the quality of products purchased falls short of your expectations, I want to know. My desire is to add value to your spa experience by suggesting products that will maintain the results achieved during your treatment.

Our success depends on the trust you and other customers have in my abilities. So help me maintain my commitment to excellence by contacting me at (979) 693-7999, or use the Contact Us section of this site, if you are less than completely satisfied with your products, or spa experience.


Kim Maracchini

Kim’s Bio

Kim has practiced esthetics for over ten years. She has become an accomplished, multi-talented professional in the cosmetology industry. She can perform the duties of 5 professionals, and works as hard as 10. Kim works as a makeup artist, a skin & body therapist, a permanent makeup artist, an eyelash technician, and a teeth whitening technician. Is there is anything she can’t do? My goodness! Kim gets 5-star reviews from clients who have posted on Yahoo, Google, and other web-based reviews. Her co-workers admire her, her clients love her, and her family respects, and supports her. Kim is truly one in a million. You’ve just got to meet this woman because I can’t write a bio that will do her justice.

Ashley Szymanski Otto

Makeup by Kim Maracchini

Kim Maracchini

is an Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Eyelash Technician, and Permanent Makeup Professional at MediSpa & Salon in College Station.

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