MicroZone Treatments

Dermalogica microZone treatments in College Station TX 77845

Microzone Treatments

A MicroZone is a 20-minute zone targeted treatment solution. They are offered to address specific issues such as breakouts, dehydration, and even the need for exfoliation.

Treatment Time: 20 minutes

Cost: $30.00

Rapid Spot Clearing

(blackhead relief/ comedone extractions)

No need to take the 3rd wheel on your date, with the rapid spot clearing treatment.

A PreCleanse is applied to your skin to remove any oil soluble debris, then Daily Microfoliant will exfoliate and smooth the surface of your skin, followed by a warm steam towel to relax the tissues. Extractions will draw out the infectious sebum and blackheads, then a Post Extraction Solution is applied to calm and disinfect the surrounding tissue. After a spritz with Multi-Active Toner, a professional strength MediBac Clearing Complex is applied with the use of galvanic current to draw the medicated complex into the dermis of the skin, and restore a natural pH. A treatment of Clearing Mattifier is then applied to control oil production and Solar Defense Booster provides UV protection. This treatment is designed to knock out that big zit in a hurry for extensive extractions your esthetician has recommend to book a facial appointment that will allow the proper time to address your black heads and breakouts. Check out our: Image Teen Acne Facial.


Flash Exfoliation

(for resurfacing and brightening)

Your flash exfoliation will begin with a Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, followed with a MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant to resurface and brighten your skin. Then a warm steam towel with an aromatheraputic botanicals will relax and cleanse your face. A spritz of Antioxidant HydraMist will firm and refresh your skin, while MultiVitamin Power Firm is applied to the eye area to firm this delicate skin. Your treatment is then finished with a customized moisturizer and Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30.


The Eye Rescue Power Nap

(to treat tired, dehydrated eyes and fine lines)

Your Power Nap begins with the use of Soothing Eye Makeup Remover to cleanse the eye area. Then, Daily Microfoliant is massaged around the eye tissues for a gentle exfoliation that reduces fine lines. The Age Smart complex is applied while and eye drainage massage is performed. Then a MultiVitamin Power Recovery Mask is set over the eyes. After the mask is removed, a spritz of Antiodidant HydraMist will firm the eye area. Then a dual moisturizer mixture of Power Rich and MAP 15 Regenerator are applied as an eye treatment followed by Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 for UV protection.


A Lip Renewal Treatment

(microfoliate, hydrate & firm, dry and chapped lips)

Your Lip Renewal Treatment begins with the use of Soothing Eye Makeup Remover to cleanse the lip area. Then, Daily Microfoliant is massaged around the lips for a gentle exfoliation that reduces fine lines. The Age Smart complex is applied while a lip drainage massage is preformed. Then a MultiVitamin Power Recovery Mask is set over the mouth and lip area. After the mask is removed, an application of Antiodidant HydraMist will firm the lip area. Then, a dual treatment mixture of MAP 15 Regenerator and Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 are applied as a lip treatment finished by the Renew Lip Complex.


Hand Repair

(to treat, and moisturize dry or tired hands)

Your Hand Repair Treatment begins with the use of Skin Resurfacing Cleanser to cleanse the hands. The cleanser is then removed with a warm steam towel. Then, MulitVitamin Power Exfoliant is massaged over the hands for a gentle exfoliation that renews dull skin. The exfoliant is then removed with a warm steam towel.  After which, MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment is applied to the hands prior to dipping them into a paraffin bath. When the paraffin has been removed a dual-action application of MultiVitamin Hand, Nail Treatment and the Solar Defense Booster SPF15 is applied for moisturization and UV protection.


The Bumpy Upper-arm Treatment

(to treat and moisturize bumps on the upper arms)


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