Waxing for Face and Body

Hair Removal

We offer body waxing for men and women. We use both "soft" and "hard" waxes for the face and body. Perfect for very sensitive skin to thick and hairy skin. Chamomile and Tea tree sooth the skin and reduce irritation.

Experience is what we offer. We have performed over FIVE THOUSAND waxes on the bikini/ Brazilian area including men and women.

Want to know more about Brazilian or Hollywood waxing? Scroll down to read the articles below the price list.

Hollywoood Monthly Memberships Starting at $49

We offer a monthly membership that will include one Hollywood wax each month. Members also enjoy special rates on facials, pedicures, massage theapy and more. See store for details.

Waxing For Men and Women 

The rates of each service correspond to the level of the technician. Technicians are promoted to higher levels based on demand for their services, and achieving performance goals. Levels are Entry through 4. Lexi is currently level 2. Kim and Gracie are level 4.

Turquoise Soft Wax (for normal to sensitive skin)

Bikini (for women)                            $39 - $49

Brazilian ( for women)                      $45 - $65

Hollywood (for women)                    $51 - $70

Manzilian (for men)                          $90

Crystal Tattoos                                 $12 & up

Upper Lip Wax or Threading            $12

Eye Brows Wax or Threading          $14 - $16

Face Wax or Threading                   $30 - $40

Forehead Wax or Threading           $8

Chin Wax or Threading                   $12

Sideburns Wax or Threading          $15

Full Legs Wax                                  $70 - $90

Upper Legs Wax                              $37 - $50

Lower Legs Wax                              $37- $50

Full Back Wax                                 $69 - $81

Upper Back Wax                             $33 - $40

Lower Back Wax                             $33 - $40

Chest & Stomach                            $70 - $95

Chest Wax                                       $42 - $54

Stomach Wax                                  $42 - $54

Ab Strip Wax                                   $25 - $30

Chest & Ab Strip Wax                     $65

Full Arms Wax                                $43 - $56

Half Arms Wax                               $22 - $34

Under Arms Wax                            $21 - $25

This "dedigner strip wax" is formulated for normal to sensitive skin containing the highest qulity resins. It is combined with Chamomile Oil to alleviate redness and sewlling associated with hair removal.

Bikini Line For Women    

Bikini Full (Brazilian) For Women 

Hollywood (Brazilian Full) For Women (private areas front and back)   

Manzilian For Men (private areas front and back)

Crystal Tattoos  

Upper Lip Wax

Eye Brows Wax

Face Wax

Forehead Wax

Chin Wax

Sideburns Wax

Full Legs Wax 

Upper Legs Wax 

Lower Legs Wax 

Full Back Wax

Upper Back Wax   

Lower Back Wax   

Chest & Stomach

Chest Wax 

Stomach Wax  

Stomach Strip Wax

Chest & Ab Strip Wax  

Full Arms Wax 

Half Arms Wax  

Under Arms Wax 

Hands Wax

Toes Wax

Ears Wax

$33 - $39

$40 - $50

$47- $59



$12 & up

$10 - $12

$14 - $16

$30 - $40


$10 - $12

$12 - $14

$68 - $80

$37- $50

$37- $50

$58 - $80

$22 - $40

$22 - $40

$56 - $80

 $38 - $40

$36 - $40

$14 - $30

$52 - $65

 $38 - $51

$22 - $34

$21 - $25

$12 - $14

$12 - $14

$12 - $14

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Cirepil French Blue Hard Wax (Great for Sensitive Skin)

Cirepil Blue Hard wax is a non-strip depilatory wax made from Beeswax.

Bikini Line w/ blue hard wax                   

Brazilian w/ blue hard wax              

Full Face w / blue hard wax        

Eyebrows w/ blue hard wax            

Upper Lip w/ blue hard wax         

Chin w/ blue hard wax                

Nose w/ blue hard wax               

Under Arms w/ blue hard wax        

$43 - $49

$57 - $69


$17 - $19




$24 - $28

Bikini w/ blue hard wax                    $49 - $59

Brazilian w/ blue hard wax               $61 - $80

Full Face w / blue hard wax             $50

Eyebrows w/ blue hard wax             $17 - $19

Upper Lip w/ blue hard wax             $15

Chin w/ blue hard wax                     $15

Nose w/ blue hard wax                    $15

Under Arms w/ blue hard wax         $24 - $28

Please allow your hair to grow at least half an inch.

Please Note: The Hollywood wax includes the front and back. The Brazilian wax includes the front only. Anything past the bikini line is a Brazilian. The majority of Hollywood waxes we do are with the soft wax. A Hollywood with soft wax only takes 15 to 30 minutes. A Hollywood with the blue hard wax takes 30 to 40 minutes.

If you are ready, have a Hollywood wax. The Hollywood wax removes ALL the hair, all the way through to the rear, and can last from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on your hair growth. 

Read about "Sorority Days"

Have your sorority sign up for a Sorority Day. EVERYONE that comes in will receive a promotional discount on services.  WHOOP!

For details, and to schedule a date call the receptionist at

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The staff is super friendly and welcoming. If you have any questions about any services and how it works, they'll sit with you and walk you through it. Like the name suggests, the staff and environment are super clean and everything is neat and organized. By far, one of the best salons I've been to in terms of customer service, quality of care, and end product. I'm always super picky about a place being clean and doing a solid job and MediSpa exceeded my expectations. I've been a customer for over 2 years and will continue coming here!

Crystal Perez via Yelp

Kim is absolutely wonderful! Not only is she a gentle waxer, but maintains a great sense of professionalism and makes the experience as pleasant as possible. I've been to many places in College Station to be waxed and won't go anywhere else now. MediSpa is the place to go if you are looking for a legitimate waxing experience; Kim and her staff's knowledge of the services they provide is unmatched in this area and makes you feel comfortable when receiving them. I'll be back in a few weeks!

Megan F.

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